The brewery was established in November 2006, as part of the farm’s diversification away from intensive arable production towards sustainable farming and environmental improvements. Using an old farm building in the valley between East Dean and Birling Farm, the 2.5 barrel brewery was installed and the first ale produced in December. Stocks were amassed and we went to market on 27th February 2007.

Roger Green is the master brewer and his aim is simple: to create great beers using the best ingredients. Hops and malted barley are carefully balanced to produce subtle, satisfying flavours.

Brewing and the Beachy Head environment

The Brewery is part of the farming business which helps maintain the countryside, woodland, flora and fauna around Beachy Head. The farm includes 4.5 kilometres of flint walls that need regular maintenance. The success of the brewery allows us to enhance and protect the local environment and wildlife. In 2008 Farmers Weekly made Charlie runner-up as the Diversification Farmer of the Year in recognition of our efforts.

Brewery tours

If you would like a tour of the brewery, please contact us on 01323 423313 or email

We prefer groups of 5 or more, but can consider making exceptions depending on how busy we are. The tour lasts about an hour and costs £10 per person. Naturally this includes beer tasting.

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