Farmers Market

You can purchase Beachy Head Farm Produce at EAST DEAN MARKET. The Farmers Market is in and around the Village Hall on Gilberts Drive between 10.00 and 12.30 – more details

Opens every Wednesday morning between 10am and 12pm on Gilbert's Drive, Beachy Head, East Dean, East Sussex, BN20 ODR 

We produce great tasting lamb and beef from our Organic Farm in a way that helps protect the environment and local wildlife. Our efforts have been recognised by Farmers Weekly.  In 2008 we won their Diversification Farmer of the Year Award. This farm produce is also available via our local butcher, Richard Brown in Willingdon. 

  • Organic Beef or Lamb Sausages - £2.99 for 6 sausages
  • Organic Beef or lamb Mince from 6.65 per/kg 
  • Hand made Organic Burgers 75p each 
  • Kebabs - £1.00 each
  • Organic Lamb Chops £11.09 per/kg 
  • Fillet Steak £27.75 per/kg, 
  • Braising Steak £8.55 per/kg, 
  • Sirloin Steak £16.89 per/kg, 
  • Rump Steak £12.89 per/kg,
  • Topside Roasting Joints £10.95 per/Kg 

Also Available from the farm - Joints boned and rolled, slow cooked or roasting joints.

The Shop also sells Pork, poultry, game, venison, free range turkey, rabbit, grouse, partridge, duck, geese and guinea fowl.

Contact Details

If you would like to make an order please do not hesitate to telephone or visit the shop with your requirements.

Address: Downsview Butchers, 
Freshwater Square, 
BN22 0PR

T. 01323 505 009

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