Aerial Ashes at Beachy Head

Aerial Ashes use drones fitted with load boxes specially modified to carry and release cremated remains which can be scattered remotely at the flick of a switch. Each drone can carry the ashes of one person and will either fly the occasion as a singleton, or in company with another drone used to video or photograph as required. Aerial Ashes are licensed by the CAA specifically for this role.  

Aerial Ashes relationship with the Davies-Gilbert Estate allows their drones to operate from a private site to reach out to the coastline in the area between Seven Sisters and Beachy Head. They are always mindful of the potential for disturbance, so often operate early in the morning, transit at height, and keep well away from buildings and busy paths respecting the tranquillity expected by others.

When the ashes are released from the drone, they disperse in the air producing a light plume that trails behind the drone and falls gently leaving hardly a trace.  It can be a spectacular sight and many previous clients have written expressing their surprise at the emotion they experienced as they watched the ash cloud quietly disperse.

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