Best Walks for Winter

Lunch or supper at The Tiger Inn and a walk along the Seven Sisters was recommended by Richard Madden in the Daily Telegraph on Saturday 15th January. Richard wrote A classic winter’s walk from a pub right out of central casting 5. Seven Sisters & Birling Gap, Sussex (5½ Miles) A classic winter’s walk from a pub right out of central casting – 15th century origins, oak beams, hearty food, …

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Best Walks with a View

Beachy Head is often in the newspapers for its romantic walks and stunning scenery, so it was good to welcome Julia Bradbury and her Television production team to the Tiger Inn, the Holiday cottages and our walled garden for her forthcoming television series on ITV. You can see the trailer here,, which includes a glimpse of Julia getting some gardening tips from Mark the Gardener.


Mark the Gardener: East Dean Blog 13-12-15

For the Christmas Blog this year, I was going to do a blog based around Oasis song lyrics, but I had another idea, when that happens, you gotta roll with it. The change of direction happened because I received a Christmas card from two people, who along with my fantastic Mum and the gorgeous Dancing Queen, have been the biggest positive influences in my life. Before I became a gardener, …


Mark the Gardener: East Dean Celebrity Blog 26-9-15

Well, that was fun. Completely unexpected and downright crackers, but fun nonetheless. Over the course of the last few years, I have brushed against fame and I find that “they” are really very ordinary. “They” are doing a job and “they” have good days and “they” have bad days. Just like us, but because “We” have decided “they” are noteworthy, “we” judge them as though “they” different are to “us”. …


Mark the Gardener: East Dean Blog 21-9-15

By the time you read this, I will be languishing on the cutting room floor. If I’m not cut from all the scenes and if I haven’t been issued with a restraining order for following the Executive Producer around the garden, not like a teddy bear, but like someone who thinks they have a really good pitch for a television series (which I have.)…. Or maybe like a teddy bear. …


Mark the Gardener: East Dean Blog 24-04-15

Dear Mr BH, I am throwing myself at your mercies. Please reconsider the decision to dispense with my services, I cannot bring myself to say sacked. I have racked my brains and I can’t think of many reasons for this decision to be taken: I like singing, I like dancing and I even like singing and dancing together, but I do accept that singing 9 – 5 at the top …


Christmas story

I have always wanted to write a story that can be read over and over again and will be enjoyed by all that read it. I don’t know if this is it. But, snuggle up, belt in, pour another brandy, we are off. What some unlucky people don’t realise is that the arch to the Walled Garden occasionally acts as a portal to another dimension. One where animals talk and …


Mark the Gardener: East Dean Blog 24-11-14

Things, thoughts and mutterings that have happened this Year. Epididymitis is in no way as funny as it sounds. Scaffolders will laugh at you if a violent gust of wind blows a space hopper down the length of the garden, hits you on the back of the head and sends you flying head-first into a flower bed. Mr BH being well mannered enough not to comment when he catches his …


Mark the Gardener: East Dean Blog 7-11-14

I’ll be honest with you, I haven’t really been in the correct frame of mind to write for you recently. And that’s a bit daft really, because, and I’m only being honest here, I don’t really write for you, I write for me, to get something of my chest or just to rattle on until I come to a point where I haven’t got anything left to say. So I …


Is the Tiger Inn the Perfect Pub?

The Tiger Inn received lots of publicity this week following a report into how important pubs are to local communities and villages, the Tiger was used as a shining example. The journalist Harry Wallop of the Daily Telegraph (15.10.14) took the story further saying the Tiger Inn ticked a lot of boxes that made up George Orwell’s 1946 ideal pub. His list is below, but why don’t you come and …

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